About Us

We who work with Espana Rental are Martin Nilsson and Emma Sabovic. Have a go with ones luck during online casino real money australia. Our vision since February of 2019
when we started is to offer very hospitable housing in well-chosen locations around Nerja. As well as offering
the best possible services to our guests.

We want to achieve as high customer contact as possible and also offer personal check-in and check-out, which
is made simple as we share offices with the Swedish Real Estate Agent Mäklarhuset. You will find us on Calle
Diputacíon in the middle of Nerja. This allows us to always be present during your stay.
It is important that the trip is as smooth and comfortable as possible for you. This matter to us, therefore we
offer a variety of additional services such as grocery shopping for your arrival, booking of taxis, etc. We want
you to be able to relax and enjoy. Just let us know what your wishes are for your trip, and we will make sure
that it is in place when you arrive.

We offer everything from small one-bedroom apartments in the middle of the city to a double-dwelling
property, to superb accommodation in popular Capistrano Playa to its own centrally located Townhouse.
Notice: According to the Spanish Law we are obligated to take copies of all travelers passport or id-card over
the age of 14 years old and establish a renting contract.
For questions and concerns, contact us

Martin Nilsson
Martin Nilsson is head manager of Espana Rental and work daily to improve the corporation.